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hey im from arlington and i pikc up a kid on the way to school , i got through belmont, i saw this mkIII with mkIV lights its a black golf and i was wondering if he was on the Tex.
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Re: BELMONT , MASS (materrizzi)

check in the regionals section, not the MKIII, you might have better luck
Re: BELMONT , MASS (ig_88e)

actually i think he will have just as good a chance here if not better than the regions section..i never look at the regions section.
Re: BELMONT , MASS (vwoah)

i'm almost positive it was me. what were you driving? i drive through there every morning on my way to work in Burlington.
Re: BELMONT , MASS (dfinn)

that was me. was going over the park ave bridge off of rt2.
live just up the road and drive to concord every morning.... that wasnt no jetta you were drivin though...
shoot me an email or IM sometime.

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