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1. Does anyone know after how many miles or years you are supposed to replace the timing belt?
2. Does the engine run with valve interference?
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Re: Belts (scobond)

1. 4-years or 60,000 miles
2. Officially no, not interference on a stock engine. Though people have bent valves when their TB broke so it isn't something you really want to chance.
Take top belt cover off and inspect the belt
Re: (JR Martinez)

I changed my serp. and timing belt and STILL get the hissing sound,(in damp/wet weather only)it goes away with a little spray of STP belt dressing.I didn't change the tensioner pulley and was thinking that it might be the culprit,is there a seperate power steering belt??
Re: (vw valance)

Yes there is a little standard V belt that drives power steering belt. You change the serp belt tension pulley???? It might be causing noise.
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