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bent subframe??? how can one be sure

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how can one be sure if the subframe is "straight". how can one be sure that it is the subframe and not the tyres that are unevenly worn??are there palces that check subframe alignment??
i know it is not 16v specific, but please help.
thaks for the responses in advance.
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Re: bent subframe??? how can one be sure (16vnotchback)

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Re: bent subframe??? how can one be sure (16vnotchback)

dude for you to BEND you subframe you have to do some SERIOUS damage to your dub. You either have to literally hit the subframe badly...or had been driving around with like no bushings in your front end....think about it..theres bushings everywhere there...the control arm..your motor mounts..your strut bearings play a part too..those have to go before your actually doing metal on metal contact with the subframe..plus those bushings are made to withstand A LOT of abuse. if you have uneven tire wear..it can be your camber is bad...or you need an alignment. Parts that need attention if the allignment is done and still uneven tirewear is present are example...wheel bearings..bad strut bearings..bad tie rods...those 3 bolts on the control arm for the camber..those have to be precisly adjusted..check those things out first... http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: bent subframe??? how can one be sure (MyBlackGti)

Of course, if you're looking at a prospective purchase or you got it used, it's possible it got in a collision or something. Look to make sure all the body panels still line up right. Look underneath for any signs of repair (the original body will have that coating of stuff all over. While you're there, look for signs of rust. If the subframe was damaged at some point in time, it's almost certain other major things were damaged too. It's not a component that's going to take damage alone.
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