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Benz wheels

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Would they fit on our cars?
I am thinking of the C6 Sprots package wheel.
it's 16X7 5-spoke Wheel
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Re: Benz wheels (ILUSV)

No, they have a different bolt pattern.
Now they should with adapters. If they make the correct offset.
Try the wheel and tire forum, you might get a better answer there.
Re: Benz wheels (Bora20)

MB wheels are a very tough fit....there are not many adapters made for them in general, and the offsets tend to be wacky. Even if you found a set of adapters, they are a 20MM so the offset would onyl work in a car with fenders that have been eased and streched a good bit...
Re: Benz wheels (ILUSV)

They're 5x112 just like Audi/Passat. H&R makes adapters but as mentioned the width of the adapter will lower the offset too much. That said it's possible there is a higher offset model somewhere. (Someone said ML but I'd guess there are more...)

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Re: Benz wheels (bento)

Thanks for the input guys. Would the adapters reduce performance or weaken the axels in any way. I am thinking about the TT 6 Spoke wheel also.
Re: Benz wheels (GTI VRsick)

Thanks for the link, but I thought Audi was 5x112
Re: Benz wheels (ILUSV)

quote:[HR][/HR]Thanks for the link, but I thought Audi was 5x112[HR][/HR]​
Not the TT line. It's hubs are basically the VR's setup! So it's 5x100!
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