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Bernie DIED !

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ok, so he didnt actually die... yet
but the guy is 77, and when he does who do you think will take the healm? cant say i know anyone happy with him or Max but im sure things could be much worse, or they might be much much better! who knows
what changes would you like to see or expect to see, many have taken the ING marketing/quiz/survey
what would you do ?
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Re: Bernie DIED ! (AntDeezy)

You SUCK! Getting my hopes up like that is just wrong. WRONG. http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif
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Re: Bernie DIED ! (venom600)


i soiled my self
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Re: Bernie DIED ! (wagen6)

I was so happy for 3 seconds.

It was like when the owner of the Blackhawks died last year. We threw a party.
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Re: (lacuna)

Wow, I was thinking today the same thing he is an old fart. When I read the post I thought I got my wish, but it turns out it was just a thought.
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Bernie has done too much damage to the sport already. I say we re-program a Terminator, send him back in time and take the little Napoleon out.
Can't be too hard. How many Bernie Ecclestones are listed in the London phone book
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Re: Re: (mx5er)

and while the Terminator is out there, have him take out Mosley too
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sorry to get your hopes up errryone LOL
but still Bernie and Max (just 2 people) have such a huge impact on the entire sport, yes, i consider F1 its OWN sport...
how max got a vote of confidence a few months ago, im not sure... outside of, his personal life should not be taken into affect... just job performance... its his job performance that is making me (and others) look forward to next years IRL season... Bernie is just terrible... I nominate Jackie Stewert

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Re: (AntDeezy)

I vote for Bernies' daughter to take over:
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Re: (germanrox)

not a huge fan of her facial features.. fail
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Re: Bernie DIED ! (AntDeezy)

Anybody but Max.
Re: (wagen6)

Quote, originally posted by wagen6 »
not a huge fan of her facial features.. fail

Hmmm... I didn't notice her face. I'll go back and check...
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