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Been trolling this forum for about a year collecting info. But still have some questions... about 16vt build (I'm collecting parts at the moment).
...hoping for 400+ HP

- what's the best bottom end for 2.0 16vt?
I can have 3A engine in good price, but AME-Racing from Germany (Berlin) is using TDI
bottom ends (630+HP and 1047HP)

Plan: Honed block, JE pistons (low-comp), SCAT/Carillo H-Beam rods, ARP bolts, lighted crank, new oil & water pomp, windagetray, Schrick oil pan, custom 228mm clutch, 02A trany with LSD

- best cams for 16v head 9A/KR?
Stock or custom - here are so many various configurations

Plan: Ported head, Schrick springs & retainers (maybe Schrick valves), 1.8T intake (right side TB), I gues Digi1 is not good enough for 400+hp so maube SDS EM4-4F (do I need MSD DIS-2 for that setup?) 700-800cc injectors

- best turbo size for 400+ hp?
Been thinking about: Precision SC6152 with custom made inox manifold & 3" exhaust, tial bov and external wastegate, big IC (same size as the Rallye IC but twice that thick.

What do you think about that setup (when the right bottom end & cams are selected)??

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Is this for street/daily driver or strip?
Watch your rod ratios.
High cylinder pressures and lousy rod ratio makes for short lived bores on a daily driver.
ABA/16v has a nice rod ratio. Diesel crank will have a not so nice rod ratio.
That is the reason I went ABA/9A

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Re: (steve12345)

It's for strip and show off
I want to drive it (not trailer it) for meetings and race 1/4mile.
Let's say 2500miles/year (summer time only)
Please notice that in europe is a bit easier to find 3A bottom end than ABA (but anyway .. I found both engines
) and if I'm correct 3A b.e. needs additional gaskets to maintain correct CR but has forged crank
Tag 3A | 9A | ABA
Bore 82.5 | 82.5 | 82.5
Stroke 92.8 | 92.8 | 92.8
Disp 1984 | 1984 | 1984
Rod Journal 48 | 48 | 48
Rod Length 144 | 144 | 159
Wrist Pin 20 | 20 | 21
Compression Height ? | 30.2 | 30.9
Piston Dish 15.5 | ? | 14.61
Block Height 220 | 220 | 236
CR 10.5:1 | 10.8:1 | 10:1
Anyway ... if you advice ABA tall block than i'll go for it.
AME-Racing is using TDI bottom ends with 95,5 mm crank stroke on 639hp project and 86,4mm crank stroke on 1047hp project
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