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best cams for 40mm carbs?

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im thinkin about my next project and really any one with any info on swapping in a 16v w/ dual cars on it would be great. im gonna be buying a 2.0 and throwing on some carbs and dropping it in my corrado. what kind of wireing will i have to do and what are the best cams to use w/ 40mm's?
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Re: best cams for 40mm carbs? (onelow2dr)

At least get the Techtonics cams. If you want a bit more go for the Schrick 268. With 40mm carbs on a 2.0 you don't want too much cam or you will run out of air on the top end. Use 36mm chokes (biggest for a 40).
Re: best cams for 40mm carbs? (art.clemens)

i've got some dellorto 40's i was going to use but my bunny died. im me after the weekend if you are interested.
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