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Best dash protectant?

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What do you guys recommend to keep the dash from cracking? I know Armor All is a no-no http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif
So, what's the best
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Re: Best dash protectant? (Hybrid VW)

Meguiars Vinyl and Rubber Protectant....use this on your tires also...EXCELLENT PRODUCT!!!
Re: (alpine)

quote:[HR][/HR]aerospace 303 protectant[HR][/HR]​
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Re: Best dash protectant? (Hybrid VW)

303 Aerospace Protectant is the best http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Best dash protectant? (kevindow)

vinylex is good stuff too. just don't use too much.
Re: Best dash protectant? (Hybrid VW)

You also might consider a "dash mat". It's kinda like a floormat, made for your dash. They are very popular here in AZ because of the heat in the summer time.
They range from $15 to $50 depending on which one you buy. It is form fitted to the dash, and comes in a few types of materials. It will help prevent in the fading and cracking of the dash. Or, you could do what I did and tint the entire windshield. That is the best thing, but good luck in finding someone who is willing to do that.
Re: Best dash protectant? (jayhawker)

The product you use depends on how shiny/glossy you want the dash to be.
Re: Best dash protectant? (DCdave)

I don't mind if it is glossy, actually like it better than the lower gloss stuff. A dash mat is out of the question, I just don't think they look like they belong in the car

Where can I get the Aerospace 303?
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Re: Best dash protectant? (Hybrid VW)

http://www.properautocare.com carries it online. Additionally, Camping World and West Marine stores have it.
Use this link for other sources that may be more convenient for you: http://www.303-products.com/retailers.htm
Btw, 303 is pretty low gloss.
Re: Best dash protectant? (mr.bouton)

I read somewhere online about Einszett's Cockpit Premium for German car dashes, including ours, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. I ordered some from Virtual World parts and expect it any day now. The writer claimed that our dash is similar to those other German autos and Cockpit Premium, made in Germany, was created exactly for these leather-like dashes. Anyone else use this stuff?
Re: Best dash protectant? (Passat2001_5lover)

Passat 2001...
In regards to Cockpit Premium, it's not a protectant like our Tiefenpfleger (Vinyl/Rubber Care) which is. It's meant as a quick cleaner that cleans all vinyl and plastic components while adding an anti-static layer to prevent dust from re-collecting soon after. There are no oils or silicone in it so it is safe for use on instrument clusters, steering wheels, shift knobs and pedals without fear of a slippery finish. A popular alternative, to silicone-based products, in Germany and Europe.
The benefit of Cockpit Premium is that it does give a flat finish. However, we do recommend that on occasion you use our Tiefenpfleger (Vinyl/Rubber Care) to reapply oils into the plastic and vinyl that have evaporated due to sun, heat, etc. Notable features of the product is that it contains a high quality silicone that won't dry out components, it won't splatter if you apply it on your tires, gives a low shine (silky) finish, contains UV protectants, has anti-static additives, and does not contain solvents. It's also free of the preservative formaldehyde which is a common ingredient in competing brands. IOW, it's good stuff. I recommend applying at least once a month at most if you're not a fan of any finish. This will insure the longevity of your interior.
Anyway, just wanted to clarify. If you have any questions, shoot me an email or call our number. Meanwhile, if it's not what you had in mind - even after using half the bottle, just return it for a full refund

Hope this helps.
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Re: Best dash protectant? ([email protected])

Over the counter, I really like Black Magic Dashboard Protectant (semi-gloss only) for about $3 it contains the same PDMS resin that 303 has and although is not as versitle works great on dashes for the non-gloss effect. For that price it's good for your "other" cars and good enough for your VW. Make sure you don't get the gel gooey stuff, Black Magic Dash semi-gloss is water based.
Re: Best dash protectant? (Hybrid VW)

Still waiting for my Einszett Cockpit Premium
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