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Re: Best mod/upgrade in a given price range. (Andrew Foss)

Well if you were to buy my car

chip is not worth it..ams chips are crap and the only one out there
A Hor hydrosport cam would definately spruce things up quite a bit.
$220+- for cam and installation
it has bilsteins with shine racing springs and passat strut mounts which is a good setup..I have H&R sport springs too which If your interested I include some how in the price the shine springs don't drop the car,t he H&r's would about 1-1/4 in the front and 1-1/3 in the back
you could have the digifant control module modified though to give better fuel enrichment curve
An adjustable cam sprocket too..when you get the cam..
great for autocrossing allows you to put the torque curve where you want..
don't really need a header.. on the 8 digifants vs they came with a nice dual downpipe
WIth the adjustable cam sprocket you could tune the car enough where if you so choose you could loose the cat and still pass emissions which would help with flow
car has a K&N air filter and the "airhorn" has been pulled out..
Short shift kit and weighted rod would allso be nice.. only really need about 30% though on the short shifter.. %50 would suck for dailly driving
Car has brand new neuspeed spark plug wires which help too
um upper front stress bar would be nice too: flatter corners..
I just put stock front brakes and pagid pads in which are new but
a g60 front upgrade would be really nice instead of using the corrado g60 callipers
get some audi v8 dual pots which is a direct fit on the g60 setup

.. car has drum in the back which braking is mostly 80% i the front but it would be nice swap
after all that..if your still not satified port and polished head..
the first time I blew the tranny I had the tranny rebuilt with a diesel fifth gear which in my opinion was my best investment..droped rpms from 4000 at 80 miles an hour to less than 3500
guess that just some of the info.. to tease the brain
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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