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best place to buy Bailey DV 007?????

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Anyone know of a place that sells them at a good price.
I hear this is the best/ most reliable on the market.
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Re: best place to buy Bailey DV 007????? (Jman5000)

You and your friend had valves from a bad batch that got through around August last year.
Out of the thousands sold, there were only ~200 that were affected, and we've tried to replace all of those under warranty (which is lifetime).
Unusual occurrence, not indicative of overall quality. In fact, percentage wise I would say the Bailey DV30 has been the most trouble *free* DV on the market.
We're sorry to read that you and your friend had trouble. Rest assured, valves from batches before and after that one perform quite differently!
Bailey Motorsport DV30 valves are available here:
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