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Best place to find an MK3 GTI...

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I've been looking for a GTI for some time, and I haven't really had too much luck. What are the best places to look for one online? I've tried autotrader.com, but are there any other websites that have used car listings? I've also tried the websites for all VW dealers within a 100 mile radius, and I only found one GTI! Are they really that hard to come by? I've been looking in the classifieds forum, too, but no one is ever from Michigan. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Best place to find an MK3 GTI... (droolingoverdubs)

Re: Best place to find an MK3 GTI... (droolingoverdubs)

well I also had trouble finding my jetta. being that I live in Iowa there are barely any mkIII's let alone VR6s. So I found mine on http://www.cars.com. I had to drive to chicago to get it, but there are some good deals in chicago.
I was looking at mine. 95 GLX with 63k for 7995
and another 95 GLX with 48k for 7995
I went with the 63k because of a better dealer.

If your willing to drive somewhere you will get a way better deal
Wow, you guys are quick. Thanks a lot. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif I'll keep on searching, and one day, a GTI will be mine...oh yes.
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