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Hey everyone, I currently own a Jeep Wrangler and after 5 years its finally a "completed" project. Now i need a new project to occupy my time and im going FAST!
However, I want to start off with the best starting platform before sinking $1,000's into it.
What im looking for is a car i can buy stock for $5,000 or less, that has a good amount of affordable aftermarket parts, hopefully has decent quality stock parts (drivetrain) that can handle moderate bolt ons before upgrading. Maybe have over-built aspects from the factory.
That has a basic design condusive to aerodynamics and handling (doesnt need to be pretty, i like sleepers),
Good power to weight ratio initially or can stripped down to the lowest weight possible (w/o dumping $1,000's in for carbon fiber body panels). As well as good weight distribution, front-rear.
Im open to forced induction 4's, 6's, or V-8's. 4 wheel independent or solid axle.

Basically im looking for a car i can get ~500whp out of, at the lowest vehicle weight, that can pull as close to if not more than 1.0g laterally, for the least amount of money. Performance is everything, My goal is to be able to compeat with/hopefully beat ZO6's.
I've been thinking along the lines of LT1/LS1 camaro's or single/twin turbo 300zx's but being a Jeep guy for most my life I dont know what else is out there. Thats where you guys come in.
Any info or suggestions would be awesome. Thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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