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Best way to go... OTHER than coilovers

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What is, in your opinionis, the best way to go in terms of suspension -- short of dishing the money out for coilovers and the hand-in-hand proper weight-adjustment?
I'm looking at HR cup kits but have heard their ride is even harsher than coilovers... Weitic also make a cup-kit-like set, but I'm not sure if they're matched for our cars... GTIs, that is.
Any and all help is more than welcome; I can't stand my stock ride height!
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Re: Best way to go... OTHER than coilovers ([email protected])

Sport drop, most definately... I take it the 2" drop of the HR Cup kit is considered "race"? I wouldn't go that low if I didn't have to -- which is why I ask what other makers are out there.
Appreciate the response, burdelli!
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