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I have searched the forum on ride height for H&R, Eibach, or Bilstein PSS springs. None of the info I found is very accurate. Saying a 1 1/2" drop isn't very helpful unless everyone has a common reference. Most people try to post pictures, which help but different photo angles, and wheels sizes make comparison difficult.
Seems to me a measurement from the wheel center to fender lip would be a common way to quote your ride height after installing springs (and independent of wheel size since it's from the center of the tire). I found some measurement info from Autotech's web site:
2001 GTI with sport suspension 15" front / 14.88" rear
2002 GTI 337 14.25" front / 14.25" rear
2001 Golf GL 2lite 15.75" front / 15.88" rear
Again all measurements wheel center to bottom of fender lip.
Could some of you post your measurements? I would like to know what the ride height would be for the Eibach Pro-Kit and Eibach with Bilstein HD shocks on a 2001 GTI.
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