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Best way to strip wax

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I'm interested in the best and most effective way to strip wax off my car. I need to re-wax due to the sprinklers located behind my parking stall contaminating my paint job and creating waterspots. I've tried everything to remove them and am now to the point of a complete re-wax. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Best way to strip wax (indigofast)

just use diswashing soap like palmolive, dawn, etc. but be sure to follow up later with good coats of wax.
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Re: Best way to strip wax (schmove)

that's it??...are you sure it will completely remove it??
Re: Best way to strip wax (indigofast)

Yeah that stuff will strip it like a Mo-Fo I have used Dove dish wash soap. Wax goes away very quick!
Re: Best way to strip wax (RENNSPORT_Passalt)

cool..which do you recommend....palmolive or dawn. I heard the blue colored dawn works like a dream.
Re: Best way to strip wax (indigofast)

I use the blue Dawn. Works well for me, but any dishwashing soap will probably do. Whatever you buy, it will last a LONG time - because you only strip the wax once or twice a year, normally.
Re: Best way to strip wax (indigofast)

Dawn 100%. It is cheap and it will strip it all off. Just make sure you put a really good coat of wax on after it. You will have nothing on your paint.
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Re: Best way to strip wax (indigofast)

The old Dawn Blue (no aloe or moisterizers added) followed by a paint prep such as Klasse AIO will have you car's paint ready to roll for what ever wax or other that you want to throw at it. I've stuck with Klasse SG followed by a Blitz topper.

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Re: Best way to strip wax (ru1thirst)

Thanx 2 all for the advice....definately gonna go w/ blue dawn followed by Klasse. I saw a demo and it simply amazed me. I've heard good things about Zymol and Blitz as well.

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i've always heard diswashing liquid is bad for paint

sorry to disagree,
but i've always heard that dishwashing liquid is very bad for car paint. since it exists mainly to cut grease, it will no doubt remove wax, but in the process it will also begin to dry out your paint. there are many types of "paint conditioner" which will prep a car for wax without resorting to dawn. my personal favorite is zymol cleanse. it works well, is safe for paint and will also remove light dirt, blemishes & stuck on tar.
Re: i've always heard diswashing liquid is bad for paint (koffedrnkr)

Stripping the wax will not help remove water spots. You'll need to use an agresive cleaner followed by wax.
Read the "How-To Articles" at http://www.carcareonline.com/ for how this is done.
Re: i've always heard diswashing liquid is bad for paint (E36BMW)

Forgot about your water spot problem. I had same prob and had to use a 1/2 white vinager 1/2 water solution to get out the etched circles. Depends on how long the water was able to sit on the wax/paint. Removing the wax will sometimes take care of the problem but most likely you will still have circles. The above mixture was suggested to me in the detailing forum and worked right away. It also removed my Klasse SG so had to reapply that but gave me a reason to work on the "baby" a bit more.
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Re: Best way to strip wax (indigofast)

While you may want to "strip" off the old wax, your primary concern is to be rid of water spots, right? Use detailing clay. Meguiars, Mothers and others sell this product - be sure to get the gray color (it is professional grade, blue is for general consumer use like "Magic Clay"). This product is very easy to use and will rid your paint of not only the water spots but also any bird droppings, tree sap, etc.
Think of paint like the pores of your skin, you need to clean the pores of your paint prior to waxing it... I use it very routinely on both may Black Passat as well as others for my informal detailing biz.
Re: i've always heard diswashing liquid is bad for paint (ru1thirst)

I got that solution from the car care online forum as well...thanx for the tip. I was kind of worried about using dishwashing soap on my baby anyway. I think I'm going to use an abrasive cleaner i.e. Zymol cleanse....using the solution prior to the cleaner and starting from scratch with a prep or clay bar and then coat(s) of wax. Thanx 4 all the advice
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