I used these for a few years before recently going to a 034 Dog Bone. They are still in great shape as can be seen in the picture.

These dogbone inserts help greatly with improved shifting feel and to combat the notorious wheel hop. STAGE 2 with its 85a durometer bushings are for the enthusiast who is looking for maximum performance from his motor mounts - great for heavily modified street cars and track cars. Expect a noticeable increase in noise, vibration and harshness when adding Stage 2 mounts to your vehicle.
  • One set of dogbone inserts

  • 1999.5-2005 VW Golf & Jetta models
  • 1998-2005 VW New Beetle
  • 1998-2005 Audi TT
Rectangle Tints and shades Plastic Electric blue Fashion accessory

Tints and shades Electric blue Road surface Idiophone Fashion accessory