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big bore intake :opinions...

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do you like or not...
are they effective...
are they worth the money (if so, do you have one for sale?)
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Re: big bore intake :eek:pinions... (vwbtimpjetta)

had one and got tired of the rattling and lousy fit- sold it and made my own
Re: big bore intake :eek:pinions... (vwbtimpjetta)

No, IMHO I dont think it's worth the money. There is a cheaper mod and the website to show you how to do it. Just go to home depot and buy some PVC pipe (the website has all the details) and buy a cone filter for $45 and you will be set. I've heard nothing but bad things on the big bore.
Re: big bore intake :eek:pinions... (Gazabomb)

Never had one personally, but everytime this topic comes up, people mention how bad the fit is, and how it rubbed on the shock tower

You would be better off keepin the stock tube and getting an open air filter or mod the stcok air box
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Re: big bore intake :eek:pinions... (Gazabomb)

thanks for the opinions...and which website are you refering to
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