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Big Brake Kit And North East Weather!?

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Time for the next toy (seats should be here within 2 weeks
) and Im going to do a brake kit. Just wanted to hear from a few guys like me that don't get to enjoy all nice weather year round. Are there any special steps, tricks, precautions, etc. you take/do in caring and maintaining your brake kit since it is exposed to a number of different elements/seasons? Do you notice any difference in performance or response in the cold weather (besides road conditions!) or ever have any problems that you thought or knew were related to the different conditions?
I narrowed it down to the new Wilwood and Stoptech kit. Comments, suggestions, feedback on either? Go for it now or wait until spring? Thanks guys

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Re: Big Brake Kit And North East Weather!? (KJ-VR6)

I've got stoptechs on my car....I just put them on about 3 weeks ago though and this will be my first winter, and as I dont have the money looks like my 17" tt rims will have to survive the winter as I cant buy any 17" snows now...
As far as I know I dont need to do anything special with them
Re: Big Brake Kit And North East Weather!? (KJ-VR6)

Just a differing perspective and my $0.02, if you don't mind
I went with the TT upgrade specifically for this reason. I can run a larger brake which will still fit inside a 16" winter wheel. Next year I'll probably run 17x8 Borbet Type E's and use the narrower 16x6.5 BBS WE wheel strictly during the winter months (narrow is better in the snow, not many 17's are narrow or else I'd have no problem using that dia.). Just some food for thought
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