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Location: Herman Cook, Volkswagen Authorized Dealership.
Encinitas, California
Date: Tuesday, July 15th
Time: 8:30a.m.
I can’t believe this...
I walked into Herman Cook approximately 2 weeks ago to get my car serviced and oil change etc...
But they said they couldn't get me in for a couple weeks, so I said fine, since I would rather take my car to VW just for my records than take it anywhere else... so I made an appointment for Monday, July 14, 2003
I walk in on the morning of the 14th at 8:25a.m. And went in for my
- Sway bar bushing
- Lower Control Arms
- Strut mounds

...Cause of the squeaking noise that we all get, every time I go over a bump or anything it sounds like a rusted bed

- Oil change, 15,000mile service...
... make sure all the fluids are toped off etc...
- Install of new OEM shift knob
- Replace front mats

...Cause the pins that hold them in place ripped right out of the carpets
- Clicking noise coming from back right hand side of engine, 2.0 problem, many people on the vortex I have heard get it, its a clicking noise, sounds like something is loose, one of the belts, etc...
- Steering alignment (Vehicle veers to the right)
- Passenger mirror (manual mirror) is broken, the knob to position it is out of whack.
ETC... I know I’m forgetting some...

And I walked in with all my homework done, and printed out many sheets from the vortex, showing them that I’m not the only one with these many problems; I get this new guy, first day on the job... Nice guy actually... so that actually has no point to it... the service department says wow, you sure have a lot of stuff that needs to be done, and it took it offensively, I said,” YES I do, and the only reason I’m here for all of these things is cause, the last time I was here you didn't fix most of them.
[I was at Herman Cook, 3 week prior to this for the squeaking noise, and alignment etc…]
I then continue to show them the B.S. Service record they gave me last time I was there, saying that the reason there was Squeaks was because there were items under my back seats, a shirt, and a small baseball bat
(its my little brother’s bat and shirt he decided to put there)
And they said they removed the items, and then all the Squeaks were gone..
I then proceeded to tell them, I would like to show a mechanic all the problems on the car my self so that you are not confused, they said no problem, but the car would have to stay till around
5:30 - 6:00... I said “no problem as long as the car is fixed…”

I then proceed to my car with NEW service guy, showing him my clicking noise I hear in the engine, and told him that I hear it as I’m revving to approx. 1500 RPM, and can’t really hear it after that cause the engine gets too loud, he said there is definitely something he hears...
All that is done now, so its time for me to leave, and I need a shuttle to take me home like it always does, I get the run around for a bit,

Service Manager…"Oh, sir you don’t have another car with you?",
Me…" No sir, no other car, I usually get a ride from Juan “
(Juan is a nice Lot guy though)”
(It’s now around 8:55a.m.)
I get my ride home, in the Herman Cook VW Shuttle, and before I left I was told again that the car would be ready by 5:30-6ish, and that the Service Manager would be giving me a call to let me know, and to give me an update...
I get home, eat breakfast, meanwhile as the day goes on, I was on the Vortex.
(http://www.vwvortex.com, a web site with thousands of Volkswagen Enthusiasts from all over the world)
It is now 4p.m. So I go grab a Slurpee i take my fathers car, and it just so happens 7-11 is right across the street from Herman Cook, so I decide to stop in, it is now around 4:20ish, and I know the car is not ready, so I park, get out, and see my car hoisted up in the Garage, so someone is probably working on the car, so I then ask a Herman Cook employee for the mechanic who is working on it,
Lot Attendant than says to me "Well sir we cant seem to find him, let me go look again", I go into the Service department. and just ask for an update, I told the Service Manager I was just stopping in because I was in the neighbor hood and just wanted to check up, see how everything is going, and then asked when the car would be ready.

The Service manager looked in the computer and said
Service Manager…“its in the shop still”,
Me…" yes sir I know, I just saw it there, thank u, do u have any updates for me ?"
Service Manager...“no sir, I will give u a call as soon as its ready”
then I asked him again, it should be done soon correct? Like around 5-30-6ish? "
Service Manager..." Yes sir, I will give u a call”
I proceed into the garage where I then see a mechanic spraying my suspension it looked like, with a aerosol can, I said hmm... ok.. I then asked him, if he drove the car, he said...
Mechanic...” yes I drove it "
Me...(Asking in a polite manner) “Did you hear the squeaking?"
Mech… “No, I didn’t hear a thing; I don’t know what you’re talking about "
Me...” Sir, you drove this car, and say you heard no squeaking?"
Mech..." Yes, I didn't hear a thing "
Me..." Are you def? you would have to be if you didn't hear anything "
Mech... then walked away from me, thinking the conversation was over, then hoisted my car down and then proceeded to sit in the drivers seat...
At this point i was in a rage
, but I kept my cool and said to my self, why complain, as long as the car is fixed who cares right?
So, I then get back into the other car, drive home, it is now 5:ish, I eat, get back on the Tex. and the time fly’s by... it is now 7ish, hmmm... Where is my car, or my Phone call, I have both my cell phone and my home phone on and are right next to me.
I get nothing, no phone call, I wait and wait, it is now 7:45, I’m fed up, I get patched into Herman Cook, VW
Sales Rep." Yes can I help you, "
Me...”Yes, I would like to see if my car is ready "
Sales Rep,” Well sir if you are planning on picking up your car, I would come now, because we are closing in 10 minutes...”
Me... “Well that’s why I’m calling, to check on my car, is it done?
Sale rep... “Well let me check sir, what’s your last name...” (Puts me on hold for 5 min)
Sales rep... “Sir I can’t seem to find your service papers, I’m not sure... "
Me...”So you’re not sure where the documentation to my car is? Ok fine where is my car? "
Sales rep...” I’m not sure sir; they leave all the Service papers on the Cashiers desk for us at the end of the day, for the cars that are ready... "
Me...” So, what you’re saying is you don’t know where my car is... "
Sales Rep...”Well I don’t know what to say to you...”
Me... "You can patch me in with a manager is what you can do sir."
Sales manager picks up the phone after another 5 min of being on hold
Sales Manager...” Yes sir can I help you?"
Me..." Yes mam, I would like to know where my car is...”
Sales Manager, “well we checked sir and we can’t seem to locate the car and the documentation "
Me… (ALMOST FREAKING OUT IN A RAGE) “So your saying you don’t know where my car is and you don’t have my serv. records, and all the people from service went home already, am I getting this right so far?"
Sales Manager...” Well sir all I can say is I’m sorry, I just have no idea, if you hold I will check again"
Sales manager puts me on hold again
( At this point I have been on hold more than I have spoken on the phone to a sales representative/manager )

Sales Manager…” Sir, no avail, can’t see to locate “
ME… " So I have no car for tonight, no one got back to me to tell me weather it would be ready or not, and you now have no idea where the car is "
Sales Manager, " I don’t know sir, we open at 7:30a.m. I don’t know what else to say, just come on in "
ME...” So, mam what your basically saying is that now I have to come in and complain to the service department tomorrow cause of this big problem ?, oh and will definitely be contacting V.W.O.A. Thank you mam, I will see you tomorrow "
Sales Manager " Yes, see you "

II can’t take it anymore; all I get is attitude, crap and the run around from the Herman Cook Dealership...
What should I do about this??? I will be walking the morning of Tuesday, July 15, 2003 and basically saying; I refuse to pay for my (15,000 mile) oil, etc... Service
and will definitely be letting V.W.O.A. (Volkswagen of America) know about this, and if the Problems on my car are not fixed, Herman Cook will be definitely be paying for the repairs!
Come on, I just needed a phone call, and less attitude, and the problems on my car fixed, and now I have to go thru this whole situation ?

Attitude, Bad Service, and Now I’m going nuts cause they say they have no idea where my car is, My Car has a $1000 Sound system, Brand new Set of 18” D-Tek Wheels,
wrapped in Yokohama AVS-Es100 tires, and Many More modifications!
(non that void the warranty)...
Nothing better be missing…
What should i do...???
Call V.W.O.A.? Get my service done for free... What else??? This is very frustrating, I have no car, and Grr... No one ever got back to me, and now I don’t even know if they have my vehicle http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif
I miss my car!

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Re: BIG PROBLEM:!: Herman Cook, VW, GRR... (T1VW)

I reported my dealership to the Better Business Bureau and VWoA and from now on I am the top prioroty customer I am even allowed to see the parts which were removed not get the run around about them saying oh we have to send it back like they have a friggin time warp machine.
I would just talk to the owner of the dealership and tell him you are getting an attorney and taking him to the better business bureau. Watch it shape up real fast

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Herman Cook VW is one of the worst VW dealerships in our area. Bob Baker in Carlsbad is second. I go to Classic in Escondido......

I'll have to tell you my Herman Cook story sometime

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Re: BIG PROBLEM:!: Herman Cook, VW, GRR... (Dub Nerd)

dude...i know how bad dealerships can **** around with you

go in there...raise hell..pick the time of the day where it is the MOST busy.
Cause hell..
oh yea. they'll tend to your needs for sure then. They HATE being put on the spot in front of many possible customers

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Re: BIG PROBLEM:!: Herman Cook, VW, GRR... (Firecracker)

As much as I love my Volkswagen, the service department is freaking HORRIBLE .
VWOA needs to correct this issue inmediately before they will loose valuable customer.
I have the same problem with my rear suspension making a squeak noise when going over bump not to mention 6 other problems already. Not to mention my car is a 2003 with 4000 miles on it. I just hope they fix it when I bring it in.

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Re: BIG PROBLEM:!: Herman Cook, VW, GRR... (PcMoney01)

VW service is simply... HORRIBLE. 90% of the ones I dealt with are mindless punks and cross-eyed when you ask simple questions. My car goes in once a month because the mechanics fail to fix simple problem properly and tech's from other dealerships are always point fingers at the other dealerships. Instead of them pointing fingers, they should take a class on how to do s**t right the first time. I know your pain and calling VWoA doesn't help. You get what you pay for I guess and VW's aren't Audi's or BMW's

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Re: BIG PROBLEM:!: Herman Cook, VW, GRR... (T1VW)

That absolutely sucks and I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. However, that does not mean all VW dealerships or VW service in general is bad, as some people in this thread have claimed. What you experienced is unacceptable, but it is a management problem within that dealership and you should definitely take this up with VWoA.
I have been to many dealerships both on in California and Massachusetts, and I have to say that my experiences have been nothing but good (i.e. prompt and competent service, respectful and helpful service advisors, etc.)
There is no doubt however, that $hitty dealerships like that one tend to give others a bad name. Best of luck with everything! I hope it works out for you. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: BIG PROBLEM:!: Herman Cook, VW, GRR... (T1VW)

Yes it is frustrating when a VW rep. does not keep their word. Whenever I get my car serviced or anything, ANYTHING DONE IT I stick with even if its 6-7hrs. When you're there it makes a difference. While you're there if they have any questions you're not a phone call away. I never, and never will trust a VW rep. either. I'm cautious about my body, paint, greasey hands in interior etc. While you're there, keep asking them whats happening to my car? How is it coming along, keep pushing them to do the right work! If I were you def. complain to VWOA its worth it, and that'll change the faces of the service department. Good luck man

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Re: BIG PROBLEM:!: Herman Cook, VW, GRR... (T1VW)

All that because they didn't call you at the end of the day?
Have you ever heard the expression "To make a long story short..."
Don't get me wrong, that is poor service, but damn. Take two of these
, and call the service dept. in the morning.

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Quote, originally posted by SWEETSOCALGTI »
All that because they didn't call you at the end of the day?
Have you ever heard the expression "To make a long story short..."
Don't get me wrong, that is poor service, but damn. Take two of these
, and call the service dept. in the morning.

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