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Bilstein PSS Coilover System

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Hey guys...
anyone out there running the Bilstein PSS Coilover System? These are the ones without the dampening rate...
How is the ride? Extremely harsh or nice and sporty? I've rode in my friends Jettas and GTI's, the MKIV style, with either H&R or Neuspeed race springs in them and a bilstein sport set up and the ride didn't seem bad at all. Just wondering how much stiffer this coilover set up is...
Thanks in advance,
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Re: Bilstein PSS Coilover System (Vare6)

anyone know or kinda know?
Re: Bilstein PSS Coilover System (Vare6)

It doesnt seem stiff to me at all. I like the way it feels actually and it handles quite well.
Re: Bilstein PSS Coilover System (KEITH)

hey keith,
thanks for your reply. could i ask one more question? i was wondering if you are experiencing any clunking noise in the rear assembly? by the way, what kind of car are you sporting it on?
Re: Bilstein PSS Coilover System (Vare6)

I do have some clunking in the rear on my 2002 GTI. I'm going to take it apart and reinstall the rears again to see if the clunkig is my fault.
Re: Bilstein PSS Coilover System (KEITH)

i wonder if it's because in the rear, the adjusting perch sits flushly (metal to metal) on the trailing arm? how low can it adjust to in inches?
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