BILSTEIN has announced the release of their full line of suspension components for the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf and all-new Audi A3 and S3 models.  The lineup is comprised of BILSTEIN staples like their PSS10 Coilover kit, B6 and B8 Sport Struts as well as their double-adjustable Clubsport kits.  For additional pricing and availability inquires, please contact your local BILSTEIN retailer.

Read the full Press Release below.

BILSTEIN Shock Absorbers is proud to announce the release of their full range of performance suspension for both the all new VW Golf (MK7) and Audi A3/S3 (8VS). From B6 performance dampers to the racing inspired BILSTEIN Clubsport® kit, BILSTEIN offers a solution for any enthusiast wanting to improve the handling of their Golf or A3/S3.

For the customer looking to increase ride quality and handling characteristics of their vehicle without the need for extensive modifications, BILSTEIN offers B6 and B8 Series performance dampers.  These dampers offer added traction, enhanced stability, increased durability and performance while maintaining a comfortable ride. These Bilstein performance dampers are direct-fit for an easy installation and durability. BILSTEIN is the only damper manufacturer to offer an inverted monotube design as a bolt in upgrade for the Golf and A3/S3. All BILSTEIN performance dampers are built to the highest quality standards in state of the art facilities in Germany. B6 dampers are designed to be used with the originally equipped spring. B8 dampers take the design concept of the B6 a step further and are designed to be used with application specific aftermarket lowering springs.

For those seeking a monotube coilover solution, BILSTEIN offers the B14 (PSS) and B16 (PSS10) suspension systems. These kits provide the ability to adjust ride height, and feature a lowering range of 30 to 50 millimeters for the front and rear axles. These extremely durable coilovers are coated in BILSTEIN’s patented Triple-C-Technology® surface coating, contain aluminum alloy spring seats/lock rings, and quality high-strength sport springs. Additionally, B16 (PSS10) Coilovers feature a ten-stage, simultaneous rebound and compression damping adjustment, via an easy-to-use knob. Also available are B16 RideControl/iRC kits that allow the user to electronically control damping from the cockpit of the vehicle, via a cabin mounted control button or smartphone app (iRC option), absolute comfort and curve carving performance is at the tip of your fingers.

For competition use, BILSTEIN offers the BILSTEIN Clubsport® which features a 2-way adjustable damper derived from many years of BILSTEIN motorsports success. Rebound and compression forces can be adjusted independently via the two easily accessible aluminum adjustment knobs. With 10 rebound and 10 compression clicks,  100 possible combinations are achievable in seconds, allowing for instant changes. These 2-way dampers are supplied with uniball upper mounts for creating the ideal setup for the respective track, weather conditions, vehicle weight, tire characteristics and driver preference. BILSTEIN Clubsport® is the ideal choice for the club racing enthusiast demanding the best dampers available. All BILSTEIN dampers and coilover kits feature damper and spring rates developed on the famed Nürburgring, and are specific to the shared Golf and A3 chassis.


B6 Applications:
  • B6 Front: Part# 35-229872
  • B6 Rear: Part# 24-229890
  • B6 Rear: Part# 24-229883

B8 Applications:
  • B8 Front: Part# 35-229919, Compatible with aftermarket lowering springs
  • B8 Rear: Part# 24-229937, Compatible with aftermarket lowering springs
  • B8 Rear: Part# 24-229920, Compatible with aftermarket lowering springs (TDI with solid axle only)


B14 Applications:
  • B14 Kit Front and Rear: Part# 47-22229976, Front and Rear Lowered Height: 30-50mm

B16 Applications:
  • B16 PSS10 Kit Front and Rear: Part# 48-230063, 10-Stage damping adjustable, Front and Rear Lowered Height: 30-50mm
  • B16 RideControl/iRC Kit Front and Rear: Part# 49-231892, Electronically adjustable damping, Front and Rear Lowered Height: 30-50mm

BILSTEIN Clubsport® Applications:
  • Clubsport Kit Front and Rear: Part# 48-231848, 2-way Compression and Rebound independent damping adjustable, Front and Rear uniball camber/mounting plates included, Front and Rear Lowered Height: 30-50mm