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Black Corrado in Mentor, Ohio

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I just saw a sweet black corrado rollin in front of my house about a half hour ago. I was standing outside talking to a friend of mine when he flew by. It was an SLC with exhaust, and it sounded so good. It had a sticker next to the back corrado emblem, it was a oval with DK on it. I thought it was mike aka CORRADOFREAK but he has a fastdubs sticket on the back and I did not see it. I saw him on Memory Lane in Mentor, Ohio. I am an mk4 guy, the jetta was sitting there but I guess he did not see it because he didnt stop. If any of you guys know if this guy is a vortexer tell him to stop sometime.
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Re: Black Corrado in Mentor, Ohio (UTdaneVW)

ttt, I want to know who this was.
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