Black Forest Industries has recently re-released their long standing line of Stage 1 Performance Engine Mounts in a new 70A durometer polyurethane and a more neutral shade of black.  BFI’s engine mounts are the only mounts on the market to feature a cubic polyurethane design, giving their mounts up to 25% more bushing area than the competition. This extra bushing area equates to a substantial increase in dampening, preventing those unwanted vibrations from entering the cabin. Additionally the extra material helps to more evenly distribute the force applied by your engine and ultimately prolongs the life of the replacement mounts.

With the exception of BFI’s MK3 engine line, and soon to come MK1, Black Forest has updated all other Stage 1 engine mounts from the previous yellow, to a more neutral black. All bushing inserts are available and sold separately for those existing customers who would like to make the change to the updated versions.

Now through July, all Black Forest Industries engine mounts are 15%  OFF with the coupon code: BLK15

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