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Having gained formal approval from ZF, Ravenol of Germany was at the forefront of developing DCT, DSG transmission fluid for the new sophisticated generation of transmissions. Ravenol DCT, DSG fluid is an advanced semi synthetic gear oil formulated specifically for the unique functions and design encompassing dual clutch transmissions (aka direct shift gearbox). It features a proprietary formulation that guarantees excellent lubricating properties under all driving conditions, allowing for extremely efficient transmission shift engagement and virtually slip-free operation. Additionally, dual clutch gear transmissions using Ravenol DCT, DSG fluid will experience minimal torque losses, resulting in increased fuel mileage. Even when subjected to extreme summer heat and low winter temperatures, drivers using Ravenol's DCT, DSG can have complete confidence in consistent operation. Ravenol's high performance DSG transmission fluid meets/exceed the manufacturers recommended change intervals.

Ravenol DCT, DSG Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Technical Characteristics and Features:

• Ravenol is at the forefront of DCT, DSG transmission fluid innovation.
• Excellent lubricating ability and transmission function even at extreme low winter temperature.
• Extremely low pore point.
• Excellent anti-wear, corrosion resistance, oxidation and thermal stability.
• High viscosity index assures extensive lubrication in severely hot conditions or performance applications.
• An advanced, innovative proprietary additive formula with controlled friction properties giving the ultimate protection.
• Slip-free smooth shifting.
• Complete driveline efficiency and power delivery for improved torque, BHP and fuel mileage.
• Manufactured in Germany to exacting quality standards.
• Meets or exceeds VW Audi OEM requirements.
• Ravenol DCT, DSG fluid color is the same as the VW Audi OE factory fill.
• Technical Specifications: http://www.automotoroil.com/pages/technical.html

DCT DSG Transmission Fluid / Gear Oil Applications:

- Popular Audi Vw transmission designs include VW TDI and GTI, GLI models and Audi A3 models with Dual Clutch Gear DQ-250 (02E) and DQ-500 (0BT) transmissions.

- Other models include Mitsubishi Dia-Queen SSTF-I, Mitsubishi Dia-Queen SST, Getrag-Ford, Volvo MPS6 Powershift transmissions.

Transverse Mounted 6 speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) Transmissions requiring Vw OE part number G 052 182 A2 required for dual shift double clutch 02E series transmissions.

Consult your service manual and confirm the specific fluid requirements for your model. The DSG transmissions need to be changed more frequently than other transmissions. The typical recommendation for flushing the Audi DSG transmission fluid is 40,000 miles or sooner. Regular Audi DSG transmission fluid flushing can greatly minimizing long term vehicle maintenance costs. See our illustrated How To Find Vw Transmission Code or Type write-up.

Please Note: It is not recommend to simply “top off” your transmission fluid level. Rather, it is advisable to perform a complete transmission fluid change when “topping off” or replacing the fluid using Ravenol DCT, DSG ATF.

Ravenol DSG ATF Case
G 052 182 A2 Vw ATF - Case of 12

BLAU® Vw ATF Filter Change Kits
Beetle (2002-08)

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