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Blauparts is pleased to announce improvements to some of our most popular OEM style and slotted Vw brake rotor kits. Select kits now include our new Blau HCC Series brake rotors and SS (Super Stop) Series performance street Vw brake pads. A great combination for owners on a budget who are looking to replace their stock brakes, while improving braking performance. We are confident owners will be happy with these improvements and offer our 30 day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

HCC (High Carbon Chromium) Series Vw Brake Rotors:

Select Blau HCC Series OEM style and U-Slot brake rotors are now made of a higher carbon cast iron alloy with chromium (Cr) material. This improvement, combined with Blauparts' unique U-Slot machining design (on our U-Slot brake rotor kits), guarantees brake rotors that run much cooler in extreme conditions. These improvements will extend brake rotor life, preventing premature brake rotor warping for those who are used to heavy braking conditions and for those who have aggressive driving habits. Blauparts' Vw brake rotors are manufactured to high OE quality standards specifically for us. Our partner directly supplies brake rotors to the Touring Car championship, Porsche Cup championship race teams and is a direct OE supplier to Mitsubishi. Read more...

BLAU® SS (Super Stop) Series Performance Street Vw Brake Pads:

Select Blau HCC Series OEM style and U-Slot brake kits now include new high performance street brake pads that provide improved stopping power. The formulation of these European made brake pads are application specific and are made by a leading brake pad manufacturer in Europe that supplies German OE car manufacturers.
Blauparts performed field testing at the Road America race track to test and verify their stopping performance. We were impressed, noting excellent stopping power (with great bite), low dust and no squeal, even when subjected to extreme race track conditions. You can expect improved durability and better brake pedal feel. This will inspire braking confidence and control in all driving conditions. Read more...

Click here for our BLAU® SS (Super Stop) Series Performance Street Vw Brake Pad detailed features PDF.


Changing your Vw's brake fluid is recommended and most conveniently done when performing Vw brake rotor or pad service. Did you know that in a 3 year period (average of 15,000 miles a year) drivers depress the brake pedal approximately 225,000 times? Brake fluid is made of a glycol oil base which inherently attracts moisture from the atmosphere. Overtime the brake fluid becomes more contaminated with moisture, changing it's composition and affecting it's ability to stop the car. It also lowers the boiling point of the fluid. This is dangerous and decreases the car's stopping power in emergency stopping situations, where high temperatures are generated from the hot rotors and pads and then into the brake calipers (which function using brake fluid). Vw brake fluid flush should usually be performed every 30,000 miles or 3 years. This is especially important in parts of the country where high humidity is common. Check the owners manual or look at the brake fluid reservoir cap for recommended spec.

Using the correct type of brake fluid is important. Ravenol DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 Vw brake fluid meets necessary fluid specifications. Ravenol brake fluid's additive formulation provides the best braking characteristics in all conditions and offers full lubrication in ABS systems, hydraulic braking, clutch systems, and gives reliable performance in everyday driving or in the frequent braking conditions of extreme stop-and-go city driving. Read more...

* Free ground shipping to the contiguous 48 US states on in stock items only.
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