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Im currently driving some Blistein race w/neuspeed coils on my MKIII Golf VR6, with sways bars under the car, new maxxis va-z1 lowprofile tires and 17" BBS RX... I really like the handling they give me in agressive driving and on the highway but in the city its a bit hard. I think this setup lower about 1.5" or a bit more which look nice but still leave a gap... I would like to go lower and i've seen these vmaxx coilover for under 500$ and i wonder if they are worth it considering what i have now. Yes i would like to go loww but i dont want to loose handling, i want to know if the coilover will give me same result as my current setup?
Thank you for your time and your help!
*Oh btw its my 1st post over here!
and im from Québec so my english my sound weird...
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