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I showed -8 and zero in block 093 (field 3 and 4).
And misfire counter (015 and 016) stayed 'enabled', with occasional 'count' (not enough to trigger misfire CEL).
Decided to do timing belt service.
Cam lock bar was about 1/2 off.
Cam sprockets (lock bar), crank position TDC now right on.

BUT, block 093 still shows -5 and +2 (total of 7) phase.
Blocks 90-92 show zero (or + or - 1).

Exhaust cam position is locked by cam bar. Intake cam position is measured (one impulse per rev) by cam sensor.

I did NOT check the intake cam position marks (cam chain links).

What are values in blocks 090-092 and what does "Phase" in block 093 mean?

How would one chain link off (cam chain) show up in measuring blocks?
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