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block boring

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How much does it usually cost to get a block bored out? Also, how much does a new set a pistons run? Anyone know of a good shop in the Allentown area?
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Re: block boring (DaveFX2)

really it depends on how big were talking about, do you mean cutting the case to accept bigger cylanders or clearance for a stroker crank? the pistons depends on size too, how far are you willing ot drive? I had my engine rebuilt at Peek Performance in Lanham MD whice is aout 3 or 4 hours from allentown, and have had no problems with it whatsoever.
Re: block boring (DaveFX2)

hey dave
its mark i found a couple places around in allentown and surrounding places that'll do it but i think it'll cost too much for my budget soo oh well maybe when i graduate du i will. cya
Re: block boring (beetlebum)

Good to see that you are now on the vortex.
Re: block boring (DaveFX2)

i found a machine shop here that does mine for 15$ a hole but check with jack at bugstuff. its in brownsville pa. 1-800-bugstuff he may be able to do it or reccommend someone cheap!
Re: block boring (DaveFX2)

I say figure on about $150 - 175 for a set of pistons & jugs, depending on what size you are going with. Believe it or not, Adirondack (www.germanautoparts.com)has pretty good prices on piston sets for aircooleds! They don't mention aircooled parts on their website, but they can get them. Also, they're close to you(in NY), so shipping is very reasonable - AND you're out of state, so no sales tax.
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