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Block heater....

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U here have the block heater??
If you do, when and below what temperature do u plug it in? Also, is it safe to plug it in over night (I don't pay for electricity, the property management does). If you know please let me know otherwise I'm getting a timer.
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Re: Block heater.... (JimJai)

no one??
Re: Block heater.... (JimJai)

I used to leave mine on all night, the thing is you really dont need too.
Also vw is selling a stick on oil pan heater which I think is a good, simple alternative. They kind of accomplish different things though. A block heater (heating the coolant) will make your car warm up faster, make it produce heat faster (and keep your coolant from freezing if it really gets that cold). For climates that are not extreme I like the oil pan heater better, it essentially makes the car easier to start (by keeping the oil warm). jmo
Re: Block heater.... (rs4-380)

I ordered the VW oil pan heater on my TDi, but I should pick it my car next week. We always leave my husband's diesel truck plugged in all night, since the oil pan heater is meant to keep it warm, not warm from dead cold. It's not much of a draw on electricity anyhow, so I wouldn't worry even if you did have to pay for it. We always plugged the truck in when it's below freezing, since it just makes it easier to start, so I'll probably do the same with my new Jetta.
Re: Block heater.... (vickielman)

That's an easy answer if your not paying the bill...
Re: Block heater.... (concours)

pan heater? whats the deal on them... how long does one last how much does it cost etc
Re: Block heater.... (Golf_2K2L)

On the same topic of Block Heaters. I just got my Jetta IV a few weeks ago and am using the block heater whenever its more than -10C. Mine doesn't make a sound when I plug it in, as the heaters on my other car. I'm thinking my block heater isn't working. Anyone know what the block heater is supposed to sound like?

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Re: Block heater.... (laserpipes)

I have never heard of a block heater or oil pan heater before.
Is this a nothern thing?
Re: Block heater.... (adame)

No block heaters in Florida??
I'm shocked
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