According to a recent article published by Bloomberg Business, Volkswagen of America is very seriously considering the introduction of select vans as well as the Amarok pickup into the American marketplace.

This news comes on the back of comments made by Volkswagen's Head of Light Commercial Vehicles Eckhardt Scholz in a Press Conference held Wednesday in Hannover, Germany.  Scholz said that the company has noticed the uptick in interest towards european vans in the United States after introductions like Ford's Transit Connect, Mercedes' Sprinter model as well as offerings from Nissan and others.

"Pickup trucks are a dominating segment," Scholz said, noting the value in offering such a vehicle to American customers.  Volkswagen's current investment of $7 Billion in the North American marketplace could include provisions to establish the infrastructure necessary to produce the Amarok stateside, effectively dodging the "Chicken Tax" which currently keeps it from being offered in our market.

Last year Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered a total of 445,000 vans and trucks last year, while Ford's F-series sold 753,851 units and Chevy's Silverado line sold  529,755  in the US alone.

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