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Blower needs to warm up? Help!!!

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My blower motor on my B3 is buggin out!! It will not blow air at all when I first get into the car and start it up. After driving for about 5 minutes..(3 miles or so)....it will then start to blow OK. Anybody else have this problem? Anybody have any idea whats going on?
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Re: Blower needs to warm up? Help!!! (kmveedub)

I would guess that it is the rotary switch that is failing.
Does it work on some speeds but not others? If so then it is the switch.
The problem is that all of the current for the motor goes through that rotary switch, what is really needed is for the switch to drive four relay (tiny current), and the actual motoro current can then go through the relays instead.
Re: Blower needs to warm up? Help!!! (christi)

Check out your auxillary water pump. This cheap plastic jobbie gets warm water circulating for the heating before the car has really warmed up. It went on mine at about 90K. Mine was overworked because a blown fuse wasn't allowing the main cooling and water pump to do its job of cooling so all of it was done by the aux. It was pretty cheap to repair, too (less than $120)...
Re: Blower needs to warm up? Help!!! (sniff)

He said that it doesn't blow air at all, either hot or cold. So it must be the fan motor or the switch that drives it.
A coolant problem would result in cold air blowing, not no air at all.
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