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Re: BMW M5 a compact? (dmc)

quote:[HR][/HR]A little digging finds this, the EPA interior volume classifications for passenger cars < 8500 lbs:
Mini-compact - less than 85 cubic feet
Subcompact - between 85 and 99 cubic feet
Compact - between 100 and 109 cubic feet
Mid-size - between 110 and 119 cubic feet
Large - 120 or more cubic feet, including all station wagons (small, mid-size, and large)
The 2001 BMW M5 has a passenger volume of 93 cu ft, which combined with its cargo volume of 11 cu ft, makes for 104 cu ft and the compact classification.
Other vehicles (passenger, cargo volume in cu ft):
Thus, by the EPA classifications, the M3 is the smallest car of the lot?
Yep.. and technically, the Saab 9000 qualified as a "large car" with 123/23.5, though only 187in long.
It's as if the EPA decided to classify cars by type according to fuel mileage. Wheras the M5 would certainly be classified as a truck.
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