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I was driving home in Seattle on Thanksgiving weekend, and I saw a rather interesting RV or motorhome type vehicle take a left through the intersection. What caught my eye was the BMW roundel proudly displayed on the front. Never having seen one before I took a look as it drove off, and sure enough, there was the BMW roundel on the back, along with that familar BMW font to the right. I couldnt make out what model it said.
What did I see? It wasn't a full sized RV, but it was definitely bigger than say, a VW Vanagon. Anyone have pics?
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Re: BMW RV? (dingoaaron)

Sorry, I don't have pics but I can give you some more details. The RV was called the Vixen and it was powered by the diesel engine form the 524 td. It was built in the '80's and supposedly cruised nicely at elevated speeds and handled very well for it's size. Saw one about two weeks ago here in Detroit.
Re: BMW RV? (dingoaaron)

That sounds interesting. Does it have its traditional double kidney grille on the front?
Re: BMW RV? (ClownCar)

Sweet! Thats definitely what I saw. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
Anyone know anything else? Interior shots?
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Re: BMW RV? (dingoaaron)

This guy has a whole photoalbum of Vixen pics: http://communities.msn.com/VIXENRVs/photoalbum1.msnw?albumlist=2
Re: BMW RV? (dingoaaron)

Interesting. What kind of engine did this thing have? How many were built? Was it actually built by BMW?
Re: BMW RV? (CanuckPal)

Answers to all your questions are at http://www.agencyrv.com/vixen.htm
I wouldn't mind one of these...or a Rialta...or even a nicely restored GMC motorhome (front-wheel-drive with a Toronado 455 V8)....
Re: BMW RV? (mutcth)

Ah...so it was basically a BMW powered motorhome. An interesting design, but it must be slow as hell with a 115 hp diesel.
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