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Body Shop in Central VA

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Anybody know of a good body shop in either Charlottesville or the Richmond area that does anything other than strictly insurance work?
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Re: Body Shop in Central VA (GmanX)

Anybody? Someone 's Gotta know a shop with some skills.
Re: Body Shop in Central VA (GmanX)

West Broad VW (formerly Hawthorne) has a good body shop. I had about $2K of work done last year after a midnight encounter with something in the middle of I-95. They had been recommended by several people, and they did a great job. Ask for Sam.
I also had great results with Fletcher's who did a great job on my '89 Mustang. Their paint work was especially good.
Re: Body Shop in Central VA (Lumalux)

all I know is DON'T go to Baugh Auto Body. My car got hit in a hit-and-run and I took it there because my friend in the insurance biz told me they did good work... bull$hit! I had to take my golf back FOUR TIMES.
1) rear bumper was not aligned with fender so I sent it back before I even drove it home.
2) scratch on fender not fixed / repainted sent back a second time after bumper was aligned correctly.
3) they put the rear door back together wrong and it wouldn't open
4) they fixed that door but broke the front door somehow
5) they fixed the front door but then it wouldn't unlock with the key fob
6) they fixed that but now it creaks when I open / shut it.
*GRRR* I hate that shop. Don't go there, no matter WHERE you go.
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Re: Body Shop in Central VA (GmanX)

WOW, I once lived in richmond in fact the first year I owned my ORange GTI I Was at VCU anyone ever see a tropic orange with "hyper-Tek,Vertex" stickers in the rear window. Anyway fudge Hawthorne (although I understand they are now West Broad VW) I hate them they do the WORST service if you have read any of my other post you would have scene the rants. I honestly wouldn't suggest having anything done there. Although maybe the new ownership has changed managment and its a different' story there now anyway!
PS: if you don't want to search back for my post they are the ones who couldn't get my regulators in my car correctly causing me to have them replaced 4 times within the first few months of ownership. THey also ripped apart my transmission only to tell me they aren't going to cover it under warrenty when my car was UN modifyed!!! after alot of dispute and argument it got setttled. I'll tell ya at the time I was unaware of how slow or ****ty a service department they had untill I moved back to washington DC and hit up my local dealer to get nothing but speedy service and polite service managers!
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Re: Body Shop in Central VA (S0me0neElse)

Thanks for the info. Gives me some ideas.
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