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Re: Bolt kit for an O2A Quaife???? (NightRyder97)

OK I am really confused now..... Here is the story, I ordered my Quaife from Autotech, but they where out of the bolt kit..... So I have looked around, and I can get the Peloquin bolt kit for $41 shipped..... I just got off the phone with 2 different dealerships..... The first one Trend Motors says that the bolt kit does not exist..... I am sure glad I don't have them touch my car.... So I call Bernardsville VW and they told me the bolt kit was $113.....
Will the bolt kit from Peloquin be missing anything that I need or will I be all set....
P.S. I can't wait until this is all installed and I can be finished with all this run around.....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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