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Re: Bolt kit for an O2A Quaife???? (DEGTI)

quote:[HR][/HR]i just have 1 question now is the peloquin diff a good product i know most people go with the quafie diff but i would just like to know how the peloquin compares to the quafie [HR][/HR]​
An excellent product. Most people consider it to be every
good a product as the Quaife in material and workmanship.
I've been very happy with mine, and I think the competition
is good for everyone here, because before the Peloquin came along
you couldn't buy a Quaife in the US for less than about $1100.
QuaifeUSA will tell you that they've got a lifetime warranty
but so does the Peloquin. The only risk to the Peloquin's
future is QuaifeUSA's tactic of uncutting of their own distributors'
prices with the occasional "one time only" group buy. They're
trying to make the competition disappear.
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