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Bonrath 2 bar grill pics wanted!

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Like the topic says I found one of these for a good price and im curious to see what it looks like on various cars. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Bonrath 2 bar grill pics wanted! (99ventovr6)

Not sure if these are all bonrath grills -- could be JOM 2 bar. But nevertheless, same idea.

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Re: Bonrath 2 bar grill pics wanted! (99ventovr6)

quote:[HR][/HR]That blue vento looks really good! Im thinking about maybe painting all the bars as I think it looks better that way. Thanks guys.[HR][/HR]​
Yeah, personally I'm not into leaving the bars black either. Paint the slats!
Re: Bonrath 2 bar grill pics wanted! (schleppy)


That is the JOM two bar. I would reccomend that one over the Bonrath one because it is far higher quality....[HR][/HR]​
But admitedly, once it's on and it stays on, you probably wouldn't know the difference.
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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