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boost gauge calibration

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I've been having trouble getting my boost dialed in correctly and I'm wondering if it's been the boost gauge the whole time. It's a Stewart Warner in case that matters.
If it reads 0 when the car is off, does that necessarily mean that it's calibrated? Also, it reads -19 at idle, is that normal?
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Re: boost gauge calibration (allmotor6)

yeah thats completely normal. when the car runs it means its in vacuum, when the car is off or theres a vac leak the gauge will read 0. if the car is running and you ever see the gauge go to 0 without boost, you have a vac leak, just a little fyi
Re: boost gauge calibration (GLI_jetta)

same thing with mine, it still gives the same readings as it did before.... but now when the engine is off the needle is point at about +2 psi.... but again when running the readings have not changed everything is same ol' same ol'.....is there a way to recalibrate, or is it necessary if the readings haven't chagned?
Re: boost gauge calibration ([email protected])

Do a search for boost gauge calibrate, there's a couple good DIY's http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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