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How easy are boost gauges to fit?
I think my turbo is not boosting right after chipping it so figured the gauge would help me find the problem (and they look cool)
Which boost gauge should I go for?
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Re: BOOST GAUGES (Mk320vturbo)

First, the fit depends on where you're planning to put them. Most install on their a-pillar in a single pod. And about which to get, I like autometer (autometer.com) personally. They have this nice carbon fiber faced boost gauge that's absolutely sweet. Good luck. Some other's are blitz, vdo...
Do a search you'll find your answer to this in no time.
Re: BOOST GAUGES (Mk320vturbo)

What kind of chip and have you replaced the diverter valve yet?
Re: BOOST GAUGES (Mk320vturbo)

There are a few "how to" pages out there on this. I used one to install my VDO guage on an A-Pillar pod, and it went pretty well. Took me a couple hours because I took my time.
Re: BOOST GAUGES (dbrowne1)

I've got an autometer...took me a good hour to install (taking time though
Make sure you get a guage with 30inHg vacuum readings as well! Probably want up to at least 25 or 30psi too. (probably only need 25)
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Re: BOOST GAUGES (flanders)

hardest part is that damn grommet, else its real easy.
mine took me an hour to install through dash and all.
and an hour the next wweek to make it 100% stealth. when a tech opened my hood he didnt know i had it till i pointed out the shrinkwrapped tubing
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