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Boost Guage ?'s & Ideas... pls. read

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Just got a VDO vision boost guage and VDO mounting cup (http://www.egauges.com/images/vdo/mntcups2.jpg) and had planned to mount it on my steering column, but it's too long and way too heavy.
So, it looks like I'll be returning it. Anyone who's mounted a guage here, what did you use/how did you do it?

Also, I had an idea about mounting a guage in the instrument cluster where the multifunction computer is on the GLX. The guage I had in mind is made by Dakota Digital (www.dakotadigital.com). It's rectangular, and measures 2.7" x 1.85"... cutout size is 2 9/16" x 1 11/16"... and mounting depth is 2.325". What's behind the blank panel where the computer goes? Would look awesome and almost factory if this worked. Guage is available with blue, green, or teal illumination and wish black or aluminum bezel.

Someone gimme some ideas!
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Re: Boost Guage ?'s & Ideas... pls. read (pyroguy)

I just installed a 3-gauge panel above the radio.
Autofacture makes it, but they're tough to source new these days.
42nd Street Designs, or something like that, has another panel that also does the trick.
Poke around and you'll find both.
Re: Boost Guage ?'s & Ideas... pls. read (Jman5000)

I am planning to do that with my other guages after I replace the double DIN radio. Web site for it is http://www.42draftdesigns.com/. Wanted to put the boost guage on the steering column so I don't have to look down while under boost. I saw a few pics a while back of people who have done this, so come on guys speak up!

BUMP! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Boost Guage ?'s & Ideas... pls. read (pyroguy)

I saw Dakota Digital's add in a Bike magazine and thought the same thing. I think I am going to go with the black rectangular in the pocket above the radio.
Re: Boost Guage ?'s & Ideas... pls. read (pyroguy)

Re: Boost Guage ?'s & Ideas... pls. read (pyroguy)

dash cluster is not pretty to mess with.
dont go cutting it up rather make a fibreglass mold
Re: Boost Guage ?'s & Ideas... pls. read (AxeAngel)

heres an idea i have been working on with an egt gauge. Use the gauge you already bought by disconnecting the screen/display, and running long wires to it. this way you can have the big electronics hidden under the dash somewhere, and have an extremely small gauge on your instrument panel. Some displays have a ton of wires, and you can use a ribbon cable for those. good luck
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