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Boost installation

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Boost guage installation

Hey guys, new guy again. got a few questions about boost gauge installation.
im in a 03 GTI 1.8t and im currently working on installing an A-pillar boost gauge. Im still relativly new to working on my VW and since it is only a month old i dont want to mess anything up, but i would really like to do this with my own hands.
i've managed to get the A pillar off in order to fit the pod and gauge but now im looking to do the wiring and tube installation.
by looking at some pics and doing some research I think that I have found a way through my firewall buy following the hood release cable through the gromet. but now im trying to figure out which tube is the vacuum tube (hoping that is the proper tube i should use for my boost gauge) I've read that it is a metal braided tube and i believe that I found the right one but i want to be 100% certain before i cut it. Is there only one of these tubes in the engine that is wire braided or are the multibple. also, where should it be located?
Next question, where should i connect the wire for lighting? I want it to work with my light switch instead of running it on all the time. is there a particular location for this or should i attach it to a fuse?
I went to my dealer ship and they didnt have a bentley shop manuel for my year model or engine (AWP) so i thought i would ask you guys.
additional info:
Gauge and pod kit were purchased from 42nd designs and i purchased the A-pillar single pod with gauge.
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Re: Boost guage installation (flanders)

Also try GTI Matador's guide: http://gtimatador.vwmafia.net/....html
Re: Boost guage installation (MrPiZaT)

out of curiosity, what boost gauge did you go with and why?
wow.. kinda sounds like a final exam question...
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you guys are awsome! thanks for the help, im installing it tonight, ill let you know how it comes out!
ok got it installed, is it normal for the gauge arm to be shaky at times? im guessing yes, but i just want to be sure.
Blue Jester , i went with the 42nd designs A-pillar pod with a VDO gauge, blue led back lit with a red gauge arm.
went with it because it fits seemlessly on the a-pillar as if it were an OEM part and the gauge matches the interior lighting scheme of the car.
Re: (MrPiZaT)

i have also noticed that it rattles at high boost
can be fixed with a simple inline fuel filter
Re: (Blue.Jester.02Gti)

Wondering dont the 03 have air bag in the pillar? I know my 2000 didnot but the 03 have the airbag symbol there?
Re: (raymangq)

from 2001 and up they had the airbag.. i thought 2000 did to.. but whatever.. its not a big deal.. its not in the way of the airbag
Re: (Blue.Jester.02Gti)

No I mean I had 2000 and they did not have airbag in the pillar Inoticed that my 2003 does though!
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