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Ok so I have been having some issues with my turbo system. I will do my best to tell all the work done to it and describe all the symptoms and keep up with any input anyone has.
So I have a 1.8t GTI. When I give her 1/2 or less throttle she drives fine. Decently quick considering it is just 1/2 throttled. When I go about full throttle it stutters like it has a boost leak. BUT I can then let off the gas, and get back on it and it doesn't stutter 50% of the time. If it doesn't stutter then I normally have no problem boosting for a while. But if I then let it idle for a bit, or come to a full stop and push it again, it seems like the system tries to cap the boost (only letting me boost to 3 psi)..... Then I shut my car off for a while to let it try and reset. Then it goes right back to stuttering every time. Symptoms repeat. I have replaced alot of the soft stuff on the charge side. I have been tightening hose clamps and such. A shop had their laptop hooked up to it, and it was running REALLY lean (like 25%). A few weeks ago I was throwing a code for an O2 sensor. Replaced that and it seemed to run perfect for 30 mins. Then back to stuttering on boost.
Needless to say I am pretty angry about this. I need to get it fixed soon because I am going to autoX the car this summer.
Car is chipped with full turbo back exhaust.
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