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Bought 92 Golf/want to go faster

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I just bought my first VW, I've always owned american muscle but deep down inside I've always wanted a VDub. It is a 92 Golf GL with 56,000 miles and I love the car but I want to go faster as usual. Can you give me some suggestion? Cam, head work, exhaust, any info on anything you can think of. Any suppliers that you would recomend for performance, exterior, exhaust, suspension. Like I said I have always owned american muscle so I'm extremely familiar with how to get power handling from them but I am not that familiar with VW's. Thanks for the help and any comments made will be extremely helpful..
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Re: Bought 92 Golf/want to go faster (16v)

quote:[HR][/HR]skip all the motor hoopla and get a good suspension set up first. A hopped up motor is nothing if you can't get around a corner[HR][/HR]​
Yes, put ALL your $ on suspension & bakes. ALL of it. That will provide the most enjoyment on your 8V. Tranny and engine should follow on the list in that order.
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