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Bought 92 Golf/want to go faster

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I just bought my first VW, I've always owned american muscle but deep down inside I've always wanted a VDub. It is a 92 Golf GL with 56,000 miles and I love the car but I want to go faster as usual. Can you give me some suggestion? Cam, head work, exhaust, any info on anything you can think of. Any suppliers that you would recomend for performance, exterior, exhaust, suspension. Like I said I have always owned american muscle so I'm extremely familiar with how to get power handling from them but I am not that familiar with VW's. Thanks for the help and any comments made will be extremely helpful..
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Re: Bought 92 Golf/want to go faster (William Robert)

Wow...52,000 on a '92 is a nice setup. As far as performance parts, there are many. You could probably watch the ads and get a lot of good links for places to get parts. There are a lot of options for going fast, but it's the opinion of me and several other people that suspension is the place to start. Depending on what kind of money you're looking to invest, you can get good spring/shock sets for around $400, or you can look into coilovers for anywhere between $600-$1100. Some good names to check out for suspension would be H&R, Weitec, Koni, and others... You can run a search on most brands and you'll find several threads of feedback on each probably.
For performance, you definitely would want a different exhaust, air filter/intake, and then look at other stuff you want to do. The mods you do ought to have a direction towards what you want from the car. If you want a torque monster, a high revving engine, or what kind of driving you would plan on doing (as in autocross, where you may want to stay in certain classes to be competitive).
I hope that gives you an idea on what you're lookin' at.... Some of my favorite links are listed below...
Exhaust - http://www.techtonicstuning.com</a> cheapest through <A HREF="http://www.germanautoparts.com" TARGET="_blank">http://www.germanautoparts.com
Intake - (personal fav) eurosport cool flo, but there are several DIY mods you can do for the price of a K&N drop in filter.
I like Schrick cams, as they're the hands down best, but Techtonics, Autotech, and several others make decent cams for our cars for cheaper prices. http://www.rpi-equipped.com is a good source for various parts and accessories that I enjoy. There's a lot more though that I'd like to list but it's just too much..

Most important thing though is to make sure everything on your car is running properly first. However, with 52K miles it sounds like you've got one helluva setup

*feel free to IM or email me if you wanted to talk about specific things. I just try to keep replies short in posts..

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Re: Bought 92 Golf/want to go faster (William Robert)

Well, if you're looking for something like 235 from an 8v, I would definitely reccomend swapping to an ABA 2.0L engine. For about $500, you can do the swap on your own. I think it was H&R that had coilovers set to be adjustable from -2" to +2" ride height adjustment. That seemed like a good idea for autocross/rally cars. As far as getting to 235 N/A, you're looking at lots of engine work with other basic mods. Actually, I'm pretty interested in what your friend did to achive that kind of number
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