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Re: Bought Mintex brakes but may not put them please help..... (BoraBarn4)

If the rotors are worn or damaged they should be replaced, if not then there is no reason at all why they can't be used with new pads. All pads take time to bed-in and using a serviceable rotor wont make any difference to that.
If you doubt the advice given by your mechanic ask another one, a qualified mechanic should have been trained in the difference between a serviceable rotor and one that isn't.
You could even check out some rotor makers websites, some are bound to show pics of what is acceptable and what isn't.
What exactly did he mean by recalibrate everything and what was he thinking of lubing on your existing brakes? Sure sounds like sales crap to me. That's my opinion based on being a mechanic for 24+ years and my own shop for the last 16 years.
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