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I ended up getting one of these from this company and it looks pretty good. It changes the fittings at either end from the inverted flare fittings to a sealing washer type fitting. My guess is the 12mmx1.00 fittings are hard to come by in an inverted flare. Either way, should work out fine. Having to drop the transmission in my VW QSW and the shop has still not started it (3 months later....). Might be bringing it up to Chris at Force5 in NH instead. Anyway, this guy was pretty cool on the phone and even next day aired me a replacement set of adapters after mistakenly sending me 12mmx1.5 thread ones. And at about $60 it's a pretty good deal.
Scroll to the bottom. You can get it in bare braided or a PVC jacketed style. I opted for the jacketed style just for fun.
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