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Ok, before I start, yes, I have searched this forum and read and read and read about brakes on rabbits. What I discovered is basically this (correct me if I'm wrong):
1) Rabbit brakes can be a pain
2) Bench bleeding is crucial if a new master cyclinder is used
3) There can be some issues with the adjustment of the post that pushes on the master cyclinder
This is useful, but I have a very specific question. Here is the (quick and dirty) background:
Bought 84 diesel rabbit with bad brake lines. Rest of car in good shape. Replaced bad lines. M/C resevoir empty. Filled and had a friend help me bleed brakes. Rear right got good pump of fluid, rear left would only get a good gush after we let the car sit a few minutes. Pulled lines at M/C with res. full of fluid. Front chamber lines (rear right, front left) flowed freely. Rear chamber (rear left, front right) did not flow any fluid at all and were dry. I pulled the M/C and on the bench, filled the resevoir with no lines attached. Again, the front ports flowed freely, the rear did not. Tore apart and cleaned the M/C, looked great inside (also shiny metal outside, looks like previous owner put it on new very recently).
Ok so finally, here is my specific question. Is it abnormal to get free flow out of the front ports but not the back ports? Note: some fluid will SLOWLY go from the res into the rear chamber, but it is one drop every minute or something absurd. Will this issue go away if I just bench bleed the M/C?
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