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Brake Fluid Change

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VW scheduled maintenance includes brake fluid replacement every 20K miles. Is it necessary ? I've never replaced brake fluid in any of my cars and I've never heard any dealer suggest brake fluid replacement. What should I do ??
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Re: Brake Fluid Change (mlc)

I know you have to change the brake fluid every two years regardless of mileage. The first is covered by the dealer as part of the free 2 year scheduled maintenance.
Re: Brake Fluid Change (mlc)

Automotive brake fluid absorbs moisture (H2O). This can cause rust in the brake componets and could potentially form vapor in your brake system at high temps.
Therefor periodic fluid replacement is recomended.

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Re: Brake Fluid Change (Tom Davis)

just make sure you tell the dealer to change it for on your 20,000 service...
Re: Brake Fluid Change (mlc)

I work as a VW tech. in a dealership and we are only allowed (by VW) to change the brake fluid when your car reaches the 18 to 24 month period (since original delivery date). If this service has already been done, we suggest every 2 years after that.
Re: Brake Fluid Change (rubenl)

"just make sure you tell the dealer to change it for on your 20,000 service..."
Disgusting, but true: they did it for me only after I asked and they looked it up to confirm it was really recommended.
But as far as being necessary goes, I do it religiously on any car on which I might get the brakes good and hot: the track cars, the tow vehicle. But let it slide to however long the brakes last (4 years give or take) on less critical applications. If you live in the mountains, you will want to do this also.
Re: Brake Fluid Change (PaulS)

BMW recommends it. Mercedes recommends changing. VW does. Alfa even did when they sold here, so you should change your fluid every other year for the above-mentioned reasons. They only folks who don't recommend this service are those who never intend for your car to be around that long, i.e., domestics.
Re: Brake Fluid Change (CooknFauVeh)

It has always been a good idea for the above-mentioned reason. With the advent of ABS systems, it has become more of a necessity. The damage that dirt & moisture can do to regular brake components, it can also do to ABS components, & these are very expensive to replace. Alfa began recommending it for this very reason. When they came out with the Verde version of the Milano sedan ('88, I think), they made yearly brake fluid changes mandatory because it came with ABS. I believe it was the first car Alfa offered with ABS.
Anyway, I changed it in my Jetta, & I'll change it in my Passat as well. Get the Motive Products power bleeder. This makes it a snap to do yourself. Mine is one of my favorite tools.
Re: Brake Fluid Change (SCCA Golf)

Get it done just to be safe. You can do it yourself with a Motive Power bleeder and two liters of quality brake fluid. It should cost a lot less than the dealer too.
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