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brake light bulbs

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my brake light bulbs seem to burn out very often, especially the right side which has probably been replaced 5 times in the past few months....anyone know why this is?
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Re: brake light bulbs (NJTDI)

Most German cars use lamps that are lower in wattage and have shorter lives than U.S versions. The advantage is higher efficiency (less current draw) and quicker luminesence and nigresence (the time it requires for the lamp to fully light and then go dark). You may have noticed that these lamps appear to snap on and off more sharply than some other cars.
I think your bulb failures are due to moisture somehow coming into contact with the bulb. Check the taillight assembly for any sign of moisture. Other than too-high voltage in your vehicle, I'm certain this is the cause.
It is also essential to clean the new bulb with either glass cleaner or alcohol and a clean cloth or paper towel. Use the cloth to insert the lamp so that the oil from your fingers does not get on the bulb. This can cause early failure.
Good luck.
Re: brake light bulbs (Lumalux)

I should have added that you can usually tell if the bulb failure is due to moisture because the bulb glass will appear milky where it cracked and the filament burned up. If your bulbs look like this, check for the water leak.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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