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brake light bulbs

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my brake light bulbs seem to burn out very often, especially the right side which has probably been replaced 5 times in the past few months....anyone know why this is?
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Re: brake light bulbs (NJTDI)

I can't tell for sure, but it may be the bulbs you're using. Motor Trend had a similar problem with their long-term 3 Series, and a trip to the dealer for a $3 bulb seemed to solve their problem. But why not replace both lights with LEDs - they'll last nearly forever, and they illuminate quicker (no filaments) allowing drivers behind you to react faster. They're brighter, too, and behind red lenses they have a unique crimson color.
Re: brake light bulbs (HIDGolf)

quote:[HR][/HR]too bad the correct LED bulbs are 50 bucks USD.http://netdisty.net/ds/aut1157/
mods to the bulbs[HR][/HR]​
No doubt, those bulbs are higher quality than the below ones with built in resistors. However, since these are only one-stage bulbs, it doesn't matter. 15 bucks isn't bad either, but some more expensive "super bright" ones can be found with a simple google search. if thats too much, the next link has them for under 8.
LEDtronics lists yellow/amber ones - THIS would be a unique swap for the headlight of MKiv cars. http://www.electricalconnection.com/other lighting/led_replacement_bulbs.htm http://www.aieonline.com/73/948.htm?11
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